The Big Uniqlo Let Down!

17 May

So i’m jumping on the blog bandwagon about 2 years too late but hey better late than never right?

Recently i’ve fallen victim to the “massively-overrated-things-that-I-spent-money-on-because-everyone-said-it/they-were-amazing”. My first absolute let down was Asia Style in Glasgow. I had heard and read fantastic reviews about the lovely staff and the authentic Chinese and Malaysian Cuisine, but last Thursday when I paid Asia Style a visit I was sorely disappointed! The hyped up soft shell crabs (tiny whole crabs deep fried) were borderline awful. There was nothing soft about those shells believe me! My Szeschuan chicken was no better than my local chinese and the rice was at best average. The staff were pleasant but the restaurant lacks atmosphere. I won’t even mention how much it cost but ‘over-priced’ is an understatement. I’d like to be the first person to give this place a true write up. I get the impression that it’s ‘cool’ to like eating in this place, well colour me uncool. I won’t be back!

My next absolute let down is the over hyped UNIQLO brand! Almost every magazine is singing the praises of this new Japanese brand known for their perfect fit, reasonably priced jeans. Now I like to think i’m not completely sucked in by marketing strategies but I fell hook line and sinker for this one. Ordered myself a pair of their Skinny Fit Jeans in Light Orange for £19.99 which is a fantastic price for a pair of jeans. I eagerly awaited the arrival of OMG THE BEST JEANS EVER (Style Magazine, every page, 2010). When they arrived a couple of days later I ripped open the pack to find the absolute perfect colour staring back at me. So far so good! Then I tried them on and this is where it goes downhill. These jeans are supposed to be skinny and they would be if I had actual tree trunks for legs but sadly I have legs for legs. As for the rise, I knew they were ‘mid-rise’ but these should be renamed ‘maw-rise’. Total mum on a school trip wearing jeans upto her armpits core(tiny exaggeration).

Uniqlo 'Skinny' Jeans

Having said all this, I have decided to keep them and rework them to fit properly. Perhaps i’ll make them into a pair of shorts, i’ve not decided yet but for £19.99 you can’t complain too much, even if you have to modify them to suit!


2 Responses to “The Big Uniqlo Let Down!”

  1. Vonnie May 17, 2010 at 3:55 pm #

    I actually laughed the whole way through reading this, good start doll!

  2. Lisa-Marie May 17, 2010 at 6:30 pm #

    Thanks to your review, I wont be going to Asia Style. A few people have told me Uniqulo jeans don’t fit [properly. so it’d not just you!

    Good first post! 🙂

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