World Cup of Tea Please

24 Jun

So everyone’s talking about the World Cup. I’m not a football fan at all, I think, in Glasgow anyway, it causes more trouble than good. It causes a divide and then religion gets involved(or is it the other way around?) and it gets messy. It also jams up the traffic in the east end of Glasgow that I frequently get stuck in and that DRIVES ME CRAZY!

However the World cup seems to bring Scottish football fans together(unfortuntely it doesn’t quite unite Britain but one step at a time eh?) which can only be a good thing. I watched the Ivory Coast vs Brazil game the other day and I must say I sort of enjoyed it. It was interesting to find out that I had subconsiously absorbed random bits of world cup knowledge that kept coming out of my mouth during the game. I almost got an insight into why people like football! Steady on, I said ‘almost’. I’m never going to enjoy any program that comes in the way of me and Coronation Street.

Anyway when I was watching the game I couldn’t help but let my mind wander all over the place to a completely unrelated topic. I was thinking about different nationalities and all the countries i’ve visited and beautiful people i’ve seen. I was also thinking about being British, Scottish, Glaswiegan and how we are percieved. I’ve always been proud of where I’m from but sometimes you can’t help but cringe – ever seen Ibiza Uncovered? I almost surrendered my passport after watching that! I was wondering, if I could choose to be any nationality at all what would I choose and why? I mean, you would look like that nationality, adopt their culture, eat their food etc. I thought about this for ages, and decided that I think if I could be any nationality apart from Scottish, I would want to be Spanish. This is perhaps due to the fact that i’ve been visiting Spain since I was a baby, worked for a Spanish company for 4 years(Zara – loved it), love Paella, Sangria, Lacasitos and I think their traditional dress is so romantic and beautiful. I how much fun would it be to swoosh about in a flamenco dress? LOADS I bet!

So in honour of my previous life nationality i’ve found some lovely things on folksy that are all Spanishy and make me want to go on holiday!

Gorgeous Spanish inpired earrings from Emily Storm Designs

These fabulous prawnie cufflinks by Bee Smith Accessories

How cool is this piece of pop art by Dominic Joyce?

This fun Hola! necklace is by Much Too Fun. Cute eh?

This print by Sally Boyle Applied Graphics has to be my favourite. It reminds me of the Nerja Donkey Sanctury that we visit in Andalucia. They do fabulous work with very little money so we always make a point of visiting and adopting one of the animals. You can adopt the animals online too, why not have a look at their website?

So, if i’m Spanish, what would your nationality of choice be if you had to change it, and why?


4 Responses to “World Cup of Tea Please”

  1. Eileen June 24, 2010 at 10:42 pm #

    I’ve no idea what nationality I’d be but I do think Spanish suits you!

  2. Julie June 25, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    I’d like to be American, it’s all about the excess, It’d probably get dull pretty fast but it’d be good to try :)!

  3. sally boyle June 25, 2010 at 8:23 pm #

    amo espana tambien!

    thanks for featuring me. every time i’ve been to spain there has been a donkey nearby ee-orr-ing away… the association is always a positive one x

  4. Susan. June 26, 2010 at 11:56 am #


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