The Troubles of a Tiny

21 Aug

Those of you who have met me before may have noted that I am pretty small, 5 foot small to be precise. Apart from having to chop a metre off any trousers or maxi dresses it doesn’t really bother me (thankfully I have the skills to deal with that kind of issue :p). I mean I’ve never had to worry about being taller than my boyfriend – he’s over 6 ft, hilarious I know – and I still get IDed at 23 which used to be annoying but now i’m flattered every time. I’ve also got size 3 feet which I love because all shoes look great and you can usually bag a bargain in the sales.

Hilarious height difference, he’s even slouching!

However there is one thing which is completely and utterly ruined by my height – gigs. I went to see Blink 182 for old times sake this week which was in the SECC and had no seating. Ok seating isn’t cool anyway but it greatly increases my enjoyment of any gig cos I can actually see. I spent almost the entire gig staring at the back of the tallest man on the planets head because he had obviously been on a mission to find the smallest person in the gig and ruin their night. Apart from gettin a piggy back from Brian every so often I saw ZERO of Blink. They were also so kind to design their set in a way which made sure only gargantuan humans would be able to see, not only the band members themselves, but also the screen which usually pacifies a tiny like me. Ah well!

So did I enjoy Blink 182? No not at all but at least I can tick that box. They weren’t a patch on Rod Stewart.


One Response to “The Troubles of a Tiny”

  1. jilly August 21, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    i feel your pain, i too am a tiny. gigs are a nightmare unless you’re right at the front, fine if it’s Morrisey, a lot more painful if it’s Iron Maiden and the crowd surges forward!

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