It’s All Fun and Games Until Your E-mail Stops Working

6 Oct

So it’s all go at JenWHY HQ! I’m stock piling cushions like there’s no tomorrow and I’m getting very excited about a new range of top secret interior adornment! I’m also busy organising my debut craft fair appearance(and freaking out a little at the same time) which will be fabulous! Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new ones! The website is up and running and you can view it here.

Brand New Online Shop

This week I have mainly been battling with technology. I’m always having a tiff with my router and that stupid red flashing light that appears. I think I have a crap phone line or something but according to a very well known broadband provider, Jesus himself can’t fix the problem – you can opt pay him £100 to tell you exactly the same thing in person, IF YOU’RE A MADMAN. Thankfully I have not quite earned my MADMAN status so my bank balance is safe for the moment.

My other technological stress is my email. It decided it was going to stop working for seven days and not tell me(or I didn’t notice – whoops!).  It emerged that in between my a capella renditions of Beyonce’s girl power anthems I had completely and utterly screwed everything up. Here I am singing about being an independent women, deleting and adding bits n bobs to the technical side of my website and BAM my email was gubbed. I ran straight to facebook donotpassgodonottweetaboutit and updated my status with the caps lock on – SERIOUS BUSINESS. Thankfully I have a plethora of incredibly skilled technically talented people on there and the problem was fixed within an hour thanks to Ian Adie.

It got me thinking what an incredible skill it is to be able to understand these languages. Maybe I’ll take a night class, or maybe I will stop fiddling about and leave it to the professionals?

Back to the sewing machine where my confidence knows no bounds!



2 Responses to “It’s All Fun and Games Until Your E-mail Stops Working”

  1. Big Bro October 6, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    If your router is gubbed beyond the saviour of Jesus, why don’t you try a dongle? It’ll depend on the mobile signal strength in your area as to how good the service will be, but maybe an alternative to try?

    • JenWHY October 10, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

      If it gets much worse i’ll definitely consider it!

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