Give Me A Blueberry Over a Blackberry Anyday

28 Feb

I know I’ve been here before, moaning about my phone company, contract or handset and I can’t believe I am moaning again. Anyone who was lucky enough to know me during my Virgin Mobile saga can vouch for my trials and tribulations with mobile technology, or more specifically, signal(or lack thereof). I would have a better signal from a potato wrapped in tinfoil, and I would not have had to pay monthly for that. ANYWAY that is in the past and I jumped for joy when I finally fought my way out of that contract early with the help of ‘The Judge’.

The search for a new phone began and the big decision was iphone, Blackberry or Andriod? Iphones at the time were still pretty expensive and most Andriod handsets were touch screen only – I am unfortunately blessed with Cumberland sausage fingers* and I would like to actually be able to text – so Blackberry Torch won! Nice big touch screen for browsing the internet AND a dinky wee qwerty keyboard. Perfect right? Far from it!

*I may occasionally moan that my career as a hand model is down the drain but I’m actually incredibly thankful for these useful, creative, stitch happy hands.

Want the least upto date range of apps ever?

Want an aesthetically unpleasant chipped exterior despite taking care of it?

Would you like your GPS signal to be so strong that it can tell you that you are roughly in Glasgow somewhere maybe?

Would you like the screen to become permanently locked and thus render the phone completely unusable after less than a year?

Then get a Blackberry Torch my friends.

Ok so i’m a little bit annoyed at the moment because my BB Torch is completely out of action. So i’m back to my trusty Nokia 5800 but it has zero internet which means I have gone from getting every email, tweet, facebook message instantly to getting nothing. . . until I go home and physically check things.

I don’t know if perhaps after a while I’d feel empowered and free from the grasp of social networking but at the moment I feel lost and ditzy. I feel cut off from the world a bit. Is that weird? How do old people deal with it? How did people do ANYTHING before we all had mobiles? Have you every travelled somewhere to meet someone, perhaps even just into the city centre and realised when you got there that you didn’t have your phone? Did absolute blind panic ensue? What if I can’t find them? What I’m going to be late and I can’t tell them and they leave and think I stood them up? WHAT IF I FALL DOWN A WELL AND NO ONE EVER FINDS ME AND I DIE *breathe*?

I have had this blind panic and I sometimes wonder what life would be like without phones and the internet. I’d probably own a paperback dictionary for a start.



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