Propose to Your Long Suffering Boyfriend Day YAY!

29 Feb

I got through half of the day today before I realised the date was at all special. Tradition tells me this is the only day I can propose to my boyfriend. The grumpy rebel in me thinks that if I wanted to propose on December 14th or April 20th then I’d bloody well do it! The hopeless romantic in me thinks that it’s quite nice if the guy asks you to be with them forever and ever amen and not the other way .

I was watching the news earlier and a women in London publicly proposed to her boyfriend, who look terrified btw. All I could think what I bet he is thinking “oh good so you’ve decided to do this in public so I can’t say no, you’re going to drag me out to buy you an overpriced ring AND get me into debt creating the ‘day you always dreamed of'”.  All I could think was, you poor man!

I’ve definitely changed my tune about weddings recently. I think if you are happy what is the rush? If you can’t afford it why get yourself into horrendous debt for one day?

Point of this post? If you want to propose to your boyfriend don’t wait for a leap year, just do it. Today is the day where you take your boyfriend out for an overly romantic meal and scare the shit out of him by acting weird and telling him how much you love him.  Then watch him visibly relax as the clock strikes midnight and you HAVEN’T proposed!




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