Serious Sewing Room Envy

3 Jul

When I recently moved in with my lovely Bman we decided to rent a two bedroom tenement flat in the south side of Glasgow. I think we take our enormous, stunning and relatively cheap tenements for granted to be honest! Anyway, because our flat is so big we probably didn’t really need a second bedroom but it had a bed in for when our friends need somewhere to stay. However Brian had decided that this would be his man room. Equipped with an Xbox(he doesn’t have one), an enormous television(I put it in the livingroom) my guitar and a strict no girls allowed policy. In reality it has became my sewing room. It has my desktop pc complete with graphic tablet, and various how to use Illustrator books. I have 2 sewing machines, a mannequin, 2 sewing boxes, a giant box of fabric and an art cupboard that would Neil Buchanan(below) would have been proud of. In fact I’m sure he’d still be proud as I can confirm he is still alive. I checked. You just never know with kids TV presenters do you?

– At this point Brian came into the room, asked me if I wanted a cup of tea then loudly protested that this IS HIS MAN ROOM. He then accused me of having an affair with an ‘Earl Grey’ but that is another story.

So basically I got myself a sewing room on the sly and I love it. I’m not posting up pictures because I was cutting fur fabric earlier and it looks like a leopard has shaved his whole body and left it on my floor. Maybe another day! Anyway, as we rent there is little we can do in terms of sticking things to the walls etc which is why I always find myself lusting after the sewing room of other (mortgaged) people.

I found this whilst dotting from blog to blog the other day:

This comes from Sew Many Ways and I am lime green with envy.  There’s not much else to say other than JEALOUS!

Do you lust after sewing rooms or have a pretty cool one yourself? Share them with me!

Jenny x


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