Photos of My Mediocre Outfits – By a Fashion Blogger

16 Apr

I never really got into the whole reading fashion blogs thing. I don’t know why. It seemed to pass me by. I guess I was too busy pattern cutting and making my own things [MEEEEEOOOOOOOWWW]. I find the whole thing all a bit dull and uncomfortably self important. If I wanted to spend my spare time looking at other peoples run of the mill outfits I would have a seat in central station, with a cake…and I’d be huge by now. I’m actually not even trying to be mean here. I’m all for live and let live but I can’t imagine genuinely believing that anyone would want to see my outfits every single day. I have a beamer even thinking about how cringy it all it is.  😦 Maybe I’m too sensitive. Or maybe it’s because my friend over at Totes Ridic would slag me to death publicly.

If however you have made a good enough job of this fashion blogging to get free stuff then HIGH FIVES all round. Everyone loves free stuff, but is it worth getting up and hour early every day for?

Strike a Pose


I couldn’t quite bring myself to put an actual human up here so I found this doll on google images after searching “crap fashion bloggers”.


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