Halloween is Coming – Or You Just Missed It?

27 Oct

Halloween is a strange time of year. What day should we go out? This year the 31st falls on a Thursday meaning it is quite obviously the following Friday or Saturday that the parties will be at. Now I am not sure if this is a Scottish thing but there are some strange traditions surrounding Halloween. I actually would not have even known about them if my other half wasn’t from Kilmarnock. In Kilmarnock they celebrate Halloween on the last Friday of October, regardless of where it falls. So if you live in Kilmarnock you have already had your Halloween a whole week before everyone else. Does anywhere else celebrate Halloween like this?

I do enjoy Halloween. Obviously I love making costumes, I love doing mad make up. I usually end up wearing more clothes than usual at Halloween not less. I certainly do not buy into the whole ‘dress as a sexy version of anything’ and I do not admire shop bought costumes! Annoyingly this year I have been a bit busy, I contemplated reusing last years Pop Art costume but I think I have a quick alternative I can hopefully rustle up this week. I’ll be keeping that a secret though!

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art

What else do I love about Halloween? Toffee apples. They are a menace to your fillings and it is always a bit of a roulette eating one but my god they are good. I don’t enjoy the chocolate covered ones, only the crunchy candy covered apples. I was in New Jersey and New York this summer and they had a whole shop, sorry store dedicated to candy apples. I didn’t buy one because I simply could not pick…and most of them had a chocolate element. Satsumas are also pretty excellent at this time of year.

Jersey Gardens Toffee Apples

I should also add a bit about carving pumpkins but the truth is no one in their right mind actually enjoys that do they? My hands go all fuzzy like they have absorbed all the pumpkin juice and it gives me the heeby jeebys. No thanks!

Halloween 2013 pictures to follow…if I make anything otherwise see above – haha!


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