The Long Awaited Sew Along with Sew Confident!

29 Oct

Not only have I been saying for ages that I would get a sewing bee started(see previous post) I have also been promising a sew a long on my blog. Many things have stood in the way, like being mega busy, moving flat, having to watch every single episode of Breaking Bad… The last excuse was a weak one I know but it is so so addictive!! I also lost my camera in the move only to find it in one of my handbags which in hindsight should have been the first place I looked.

So I officially have no more excuses and I am gearing up to get a sew along started. So what is a sew along I hear you ask? My definition of a sew along is a group of people sewing the same item in bitesize chunks. So every week we can all do the next step in the pattern, you guys can ask questions, and hopefully blog about it yourself? You can send me pictures of your progress and ask questions if you get stuck. At the end we should all have the finished item. I think it works better if we all do it at the same time or near enough. That way we can get a bit of a dialogue up and the tricky bits will be fresh in my mind for when you ask questions.

I have been swithering on starting an easy pattern or a hard one. I think I am going to go with a difficult one purely because I have a lot of my old school intermediate students dying to get started. I promise I will also do some easier ones afterwards.

The first pattern I am going to do is the Hacking Jacket from The Great British Sewing Bee Book. If you have this book you can download the pattern here: If you don’t have the book it is really worth buying and it is only £10 on Amazon. You can buy one here

Wild Hacking Jacket


I have already tried this pattern out as you can see…in a questionable fabric admittedly. I will be making another one from scratch and photography everything along the way. The trickiest part is the collar but I can help with that.

So who is in? If you would like to receive email updates every time I post another part of the sew along then send me a wee email and i will pop you on a special mailing list. My email is Jenny[at]
Alternatively you can keep upto date via the facebook page

If you think you are not capable remember you can(and should) make a toile first out of cheaper fabric so there isn’t much to lose!


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