Sew-Along #1 – Getting Started

4 Nov

So if this is the first Sew Along you have ever done then DITTO!  I don’t doubt there will be some teething problems on my side but we’ll get through it!

The size chart can be found on page 77 of the sewing bee book.

Sizing Guide

Measure your bust across the fullest part, your waist along the smallest part(usually just above your belly button) and your hips at the widest part. I suggest measuring yourself in front of the mirror so you can make sure your tape measure is straight.

If you are between sizes I would usually go for the biggest size. You will be making a toile anyway so you can make adjustments before moving on to the real deal. A toile is a mock up made from cheap fabric where you have the opportunity to make mistakes and adjust the pattern. I strongly suggest everyone makes a toile as there is nothing worse than wasting money by making a garment that just doesn’t fit you.

You can use calico or cotton sheeting for your toile. You will need 2m of fabric that is at least 150cm wide.

For your main fabric the book suggests wool, worsted(like a suit fabric) linen, heavy cotton or gabardine(a tightly woven fabric used in suits and coats). I will be using a medium weight woven wool fabric because Scotland is freezing, haha! You don’t have to rush out and buy your main fabric until you have made your toile so don’t worry.

You will need:
2m of your main outer fabric(again at least 150cm wide)
20cm of a contrasting fabric for the cuffs
2m medium weight fusible/iron on interfacing
1 button

No one can ever be bothered pre washing I know but fabric can shrink in the wash making your jacket a size too small! Either pre wash it or make it dry clean only. You don’t have to pre wash your toile fabric.

Your Pattern
When printing the pattern make sure your printer settings do not automatically shrink your pattern to fit. It will throw everything off kilter and your sizing with be all wrong! Print the pattern to actual size.

One you have printed it(all 1 million pages) it is time to piece it together. This will go together like a jigsaw. Match up the numbers in the corner of every piece of A4. I used masking tape to stick mine together. Now you can cut out your size. Keep your fabric scissors away from paper cutting jobs! You don’t want to make them James Blunt.


You will need everything in this kit at some point. You can get yourself one here

You will also need a sewing machine which believe it or not you can also get from me wahey! They are here I also have free postage on all sewing machines at the moment with the code SEWALONG

So that is all we need! Get your sewing machine out, dust off your sewing bee book and lets get started!


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