Sew Along #5 Inserting the Facing

2 Dec

So I have started taking baby steps with this sew along. Partly to let you guys catch up and partly I have 100 jobs and things to do at the moment!

Lets attach out facing to our main jacket. You will be sewing from one side seam to the other with this one. I suggest you lay you main jacket part down on the table/floor right side up and then lay the facing on top right side down. You will be able to see where the pieces match up in this photo.

Insert the facing

You can see where my pins are – this is where we are sewing.

When you are pinning it together you might also notice that the collar pieces don’t seem to fit. This is where some careful stretching of fabric called easing comes in. You often have to stretch things slightly before they will fit. Pin them in place and prepare to stretch them to fit as you sew. You can do this by having one hand at the back of the machine pulling the fabric away from you and one hand in front pulling it towards you. Keep the fabric taught but still let the machine pull it through at its own pace. If you pull the fabric through the machine you will end up with big stitches and bent needles so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Once this is sewn in trim you seam allowance to about 5mm. You will also need to snip into the seam allowance at some parts to make it sit right. Any curved edges always need snipped so start with them. I snip a few times then turn it out to see what ti looks like and whether it need another snip. Then press the collar and give yourself a pat on the back as the hardest bit is over!

Snipty snip!

Now sew your side seams together and we almost have a jacket!!

How are you doing? Stuck at anything? Let me know!


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