Overlocker Adventures : Make yourself a skirt in an hour WITHOUT a pattern!

8 May

I’m a “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” kinda girl but I assure you this is not one of those false claims. You can make a skirt using your overlocker in about an hour. Of course this depends how many tea breaks you have and whether or not you stopped halfway through to go an teach a dressmaking class for 3 hours. If you work flat out it’ll be done in an hour no bother!

Sew a Skirt in 1 hour! Tutorial.


I have recently been trying to work my way through my enormous stash of fabric and this wild print is a true archive bad boy. I made  one of my bessie mates a dress for her 21st out of this stuff. That was 5 whole years ago. My god, my old haggered knees are creaking at the thought of how time flies. Anyway this has been in the collection for a while, that is my point. I have a holiday coming up and I thought I could get away with this print there…who am I kidding I’ll be wearing this in Glasgow tomorrow. SO what do you need?

You will need a skirt to use as a pattern
Enough elastic to go round your waist, 2.5cm wide should do
About half a metre of fabric, but that depends on the size of your skirt really.
An overlocker

So as I mentioned before this skirt was made completely using an overlocker. The overlocker is different to a normal domestic sewing machine. They are not necessary for sewing, you could follow this tutorial using a stretch stitch on your sewing machine but the overlocker makes life incredibly easy. If you have one already, lucky you, if you want one you can get one here It looks like this:

Elna 664 DREAM MACHINE mate. Anyway fold your fabric in half, right sides together. Place your skirt on top like shown in the photo below. This piece of fabric has been used for other things so no longer has a selvedge, that is why it looks like I have placed it wonky, I haven’t! Overlocker 1 Hour Skirt Tutorial This skirt is the perfect pattern because I love it and it is also a stretchy pencil skirt which is exactly what I want to make. This one is from Zara. I do love a cat print! Chalk round the outside of your skirt adding a 1cm seam allowance all the way round. Leave a bigger seam allowance at the hem if you plan to hem it. Jersey cotton tends not to fray so I don’t need to WAHEY. DSCN0730

You also want to cut yourself a waistband pieced that is 2x width of your elastic +2cm seam allowance and long enough to go round your waist + seam allowance. All your bits will look like this now.


Here is the tiniest video of what goes on in my sewing room. Always music on full bung and in this case it was very fitting to be playing holiday music!

Pin your side seams. and overlock them together. Take your pins out as you go as you don’t want the overlocker blade getting near one – not unless you want to be changing that blade more often than necessary.


Now you will have a tube of fabric. Time to try it on inside out and pull it in to make it fit better(if necessary). I had to make a few adjustments at the waist. Remember whatever you do at one side do at the other!


Now you are happy with the fit time to overlock the side seams of your waistband to make it one continuous strip.

DSCN0748 DSCN0750

This bit is a little tricky. Place the waist band piece inside the skirt right sides together. Matching raw edges at the top of your skirt pin and overlock these together.

DSCN0751 DSCN0752 DSCN0754

Now you need to cut your elastic to size. I usually do this by wrapping a bit of elastic round my waist(or where ever the top of the skirt is going to sit) and pulling it until it is tight enough to keep the skirt up but not so tight that it feels(and looks) like an exterior gastric band. Looking like a pork sausage that has been tied in the middle with a piece of string is not a good look and even the skinniest of skinny minnies can look like this. You get the jist – not too tight! Cut the elestic to size and using a normal sewing machine zig zag it together flat. I went over this about 5 times.


Pop the elastic over the waistband like so. DSCN0759

Now fold the waistband piece over the elastic until the raw edge of the waistband matches up with the recently overlocked edge of the waistband(which isalso the top of the skirt)


Pin all the way around, completely encasing the elastic and overlock in place.

DSCN0760 DSCN0762

I don’t know at this point  why my photographs go all acidic on me. Get your sunglasses out! What can I say? I am not a photographer and my camera has a mind of its own.


If you have more of a seam allowance than me you can cut off the extra so the elastic is nice and snug in that waistband. Finally you can hem the, erm hem? I decided to make mine a little fringey by snipping in 4cm all the way around.

And that, my friends, is the simplest no pattern skirt you will ever make!

Sew a Skirt in 1 hour! Tutorial.

Send me photos of yours!


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