Liberty & London

27 May

I have yet to find a fabric fan who wouldn’t have their entire wardrobe and home filled with Liberty prints if they could afford to. I am no exception. Liberty is a little bit more than a great haberdasher and design house to me though.

A couple of years ago one of my best friends moved to London. We both cried like babies at the train station when she left for the last time. We met in 5th year at school and bonded over a love of, mainly wine, that is still a large part of our friendship today. We lived together throughout our entire University days. We discovered how bloody expensive cheese is and how to live on terrible food. Susan exclusively used the oven for her meals with classic such as potato waffles and chicken chargrills. I seemed to exclusively use the hob and the kettle for Pasta ‘n’ Sauce and Pot Noodles(sorry Mum- who just so happens to be a Dietitian). Basically we’ve had a lot of great times together and I get so so excited when I get on that Virgin train to Euston. It feels like the best kind of holiday – it’s usually sunny, we make trips to extravagant cake shops, we eat like queens, drink Champagne and have the most over due catch up. One thing we always make time for is a wander round the fabulous Liberty London shop.

I very rarely buy anything as the whole place is so overwhelming. So many prints and such little time!! Thankfully we are lucky enough to have a shop or two in Glasgow that also stocks Liberty, so I can peruse the prints at my leisure. They give me that holiday feeling, the same way the smell of coconut remind you of lying on a beach! Liberty means good times to me!

Anyway why am I telling you all this? I am telling you this because recently it was Susans birthday(Happy Birthday!!) and I thought I would make her some Liberty Pajama bottoms. She definitely appreciates the finer things in life so I hope she loves them. I picked this amazing royal blue print that is unmistakably Liberty London. It’s from their cotton Tana Lawn range and it is so soft and lovely, perfect for summer jim jams!

Liberty PJs

Liberty PJs

I thought Pajama bottoms were a good option because I have already made her tote bags and make up bags and PJ bottoms are one of the things you can estimate size wise and they’re obviously not close fitting. I used the PJ bottom pattern from The Great British Sewing Bee Series 1 book. I’ll be honest, the sizing is RIDICULOUS. I like my jammies baggy but not MC Hammer baggy. I’m also fairly confident the size M could comfortably fit an adult elephant. Must add that to my list of business ideas for the day “Elephant Liberty Jammies”.  Thankfully I made a toile and adjusted the pattern before I cut the precious Liberty fabric, so they are normal human sized now.

What do you think?

Liberty Print Pj Bottoms

Liberty Print Pj Bottoms

I added a tiny little rolled hem at the bottom too.


After I made these I googled just to see what the RRP would be on an item like this. The price really would make your eyes water. So that’s my second business idea of the day. My third is inventing a way to clone myself or stop time so I can try out every single idea I come up with :s


4 Responses to “Liberty & London”

  1. machinegunmama May 27, 2014 at 2:31 pm #

    Super great pj pants 🙂

  2. CAndrew May 27, 2014 at 4:28 pm #

    Gorgeous, love the print

    • Sew Confident May 27, 2014 at 4:32 pm #

      I spent ages in Mandors looking for it. Brian was with me and he was fuming and bored out his nut haha! x

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