The Not So Ideal Homes Show

27 May

First of all I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I actually won tickets to The Ideal Home Show on the Sterling Furniture Facebook page. So thanks for that.

My Mum and I decided to visit The Ideal Homes Show in Glasgow on Sunday. We’ve been before(although we’ve always wangled free tickets) and it is usually a nice wee day out – something different. We were both looking forward to it. First of all the main carpark at the SECC was shut. For no apparent reason. I could see 100 spaces but Mr High Vis jacket said no. So we had to wait in an enormous traffic jam to get into the new Multi Storey carpark. It’s my Architect cousins favourite Glasgow structure…not. It truly is an ugly metal monstrosity. Then the traffic lights broke and stuck at red. You know sometimes you are sitting at the lights for what feels like forever and you think “the bloody traffic lights are broken!” and then they change and you realise you are impatient. Well that WAS NOT one of those situations. We were sitting at a red light for about 10 minutes. The word ‘furious’ doesn’t even come close. Eventually everyone went through the red light anyway.

Couldn’t find the 2014 version!

So admittedly it wasn’t the best start to the day but they don’t call my mum Cheery McCreary for nothing – and I’m pretty happy too so we got over it(especially after my Mum pointed at a 5 MPH sign inside the carpark and said “remember we are on floor 5”. We were on floor 1. Hilarious!). We got inside and it was like a cattle market. I feel like people lose their minds at these events. First of all why pay for a ticket to an event where you are bombarded with advertising and sales people? Second of all why are you queuing to get into a big MDF house?

I didn’t take any pictures but it looked like this, with a queue of eager Glaswegians outside it.

I know there would be nothing in that house more inspiring than a 10 minte scroll through Pinterest. I feel like it is one big social experiment. Lets see what happens and how everyone behaves when we fill 3 SECC halls full of adverts and overpriced kitchen gadgets, SELL tickets to it and front it with the notoriously grumpy bald guy from Masterchef and everyone’s favourite female Scot(apart from me) Lorraine Kelly(or whoever it was this year?). Instant success obviously!

We spent the day squeezing past people, avoiding eye contact with crazed sales people, saying “No Thank You” to ones I accidentally looked at and eating cheese samples(after I crowdsurfed to the front of the queue). I think we spent about 45 minutes in there. It was the most eclectic mix of absolute nonsense I have ever seen and everyone was going mad for it. I’d like to say I didn’t buy anything…but I did. It was a mini apple pie and true to form it was terrible. I’ve eaten a LOT of cakes in my time so I really know what I’m talking about here.

So we left and paid our car parking ticket with a Wonga loan and went home for a cup of tea and a terrible apple pie. I don’t think we’ll go back.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this event? Did you go too?


11 Responses to “The Not So Ideal Homes Show”

  1. Sandra May 27, 2014 at 11:32 pm #

    Hi jenny, I too went to this on Sunday as my mother in law loves it. I got a freebie ticket at I ran the 10k and paid, yes paid for two tickets! I cued to go into the flat pack homes as the in laws love this, I could differentiate between all three. I did come away with a beautiful glass lanter and felt like the green lateen for the rest of the show. Why do people leave their maners at home at these things? Did find a lovely chocolate stall chocolati (?) yum but for now my life can continue without a spinning mop and a plastic steam iron.

    • Sew Confident May 27, 2014 at 11:38 pm #

      Sandra, you are right! Manners left at the door obviously! Was the house worth the queue? x

  2. RedSetter May 28, 2014 at 12:34 am #

    Fab review Jenny, I’m still laughing at your descriptions. It used to be good when I was young as it was full of kitchen demos of crazy kitchen gadgets, exotic foods like quaver type crisps you could actually make at home and new and unseen house related things!!!! It became mega commercial around the time double glazing came out and went steeply downhill. I don’t think it was the double glazing specifically but it was the whole commercial nature of things. Way back it was a real modern homes exhibition when that meant something. Now it is all about impressing the neighbours and pimping your 2bed semi into Southfork Ranch.

    • Sew Confident May 28, 2014 at 9:52 am #

      Personally I blame double glazing for all that is wrong with society! Haha Brilliant. Yeh my Dad still calls it Modern Homes and that would be interesting, like far out inventions of the future. I’d pay to see that! x

  3. Jill May 28, 2014 at 12:43 am #

    Hey Jenny – we went on the Saturday and it was pretty good. Not cattle market busy, but still busy nonetheless. I never did quite understand the endless queue to get into the MDF hoose. Just as you say, a social experiment I chose to avoid. I chose to let the sheep gather in that one place while I went to visit baldy Gregg and his OTT back wall banner for some set-menu scran.

    The only reason I like going to the IHS (aside from the fact I get free tickets through my work every year!) is because it’s the only time I find myself actually putting my hand in my pocket to invest in things for my home that I would never go out on any other weekend to shop for/buy. Expensive garden furniture we’ve promised we would buy the house for years? Yeah let’s do it! Steam mop with super handy attachment to clean the windows and shower cubicle? Been meaning to buy one for years, aye go for it! Jam jar lamps that we don’t really need, but are pretty freaking awesome and the couple selling them are so sweet? Why not…they’re offering a tenner off!

    So technically, yes, we were suckered in by many a pushy sales person that day, and came away a lot lighter in the pocket than we’d hoped for. But to be honest, the IHS is the only event of the year I surrender my purse to quite willingly – as I walk in there knowing I’m investing in the most important material possession in my life, my home. So the pushy sales people may have won me over for another year, but I walked away a fairly happy chappy knowing I’d spoiled my wee house for the first time in a year. And I imagine it will be neglected until the same time next year.

    I think it depends on the day you go, we were fortunate last year as it wasn’t too busy, and it sounds like we lucked out again this year. Hopefully you’ll give it another bash next year, and maybe the apple pies will be a bit nicer 😉

    • Sew Confident May 28, 2014 at 9:58 am #

      Maybe the problem is that I go with zero intention of buying anything for the house! If we had maybe just bought a place it would be the perfect event to stock up on handy bits and bobs so I guess from that perspective it’s a dream place. Buy everything you need under one roof. I saw the jam jar lights, they were very cute. I think I would love it if the exhibitors were all little indie businesses like them. Same for the likes of Country Living Fair – if it was a collection of interesting SMEs I would be all over it. But it’s stall of enormous companies all selling the same things. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we should have visited on Saturday! x

      • Jill May 28, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

        Definitely agree with that, it was way more enjoyable going round the indie stalls than the big name stalls. Even the garden furniture we bought from was a independent company based out in Falkirk, so the guy was really passionate about his product (well, as much as you can be about garden furniture!) and even offered us a discount as we had bought from him before. More SMEs would make it miles better (and better parking facilities ;-)) x

  4. Katy May 28, 2014 at 12:58 am #

    We mainly went so we could go pretend we’re seriously in the market for a hot tub or backyard Tiki bar (we’re not) with our newly-acquired lottery winnings (imaginary), then go “how much?” (in italics) at everything, and leave empty handed in one hour or less. Mission accomplished!

    • Sew Confident May 28, 2014 at 10:00 am #

      Haha! I would love to do that too but I honestly think my other half would try to smother himself with a sheepskin rug if I dragged him along. A backyard tiki bar sounds amazing though! I’m gonna write that one down. x

  5. Amy Rennison May 28, 2014 at 2:52 pm #

    GOOD LORD Y I was howling at this ❤ I too would crowd surf for free cheese, that's why we're pals x

    • Sew Confident May 28, 2014 at 3:06 pm #

      I picked up a cube of ginger cheese by accident. Boke. Won’t make that mistake again! x

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