Bumster Beach

5 Jun

I have a girly holiday coming up, and since I can remember I have had a bit of a problem with bikinis. I bloody love them, I will typically take more bikinis on holiday than there are days to wear them because a girl needs options right? This year I am off to Gran Canaria on a girly holiday with 5 of my best friends – at least one of which also has a love for bikinis. She showed me an amazing fringe-y number she got from Ebay for about a fiver and guess what I need? That’s right a new bikini. She did however warn me to go a size up as the bottoms were a bit on the small size. Did I go a size up? No don’t be ridiculous – that’s far too sensible.

The bikini arrives and it is amazing. I love it. I try on the top, it’s fabulous. I try on the bottoms and true to form they are absolute bumsters. Alexander McQueen would be proud.

Alexander McQueen Bumsters

I decided to try to fix them. I recently bought some amazing laser cut stretchy stuff, I can’t remember the fibre content sorry but it feels like it would be quite at home as part of a bikini, probably a nylon mix. AND it’s black. I was hoping I could wear these black bottoms with different tops so I want to keep them completely black. Using my overlocker and a zig zag on my sewing machine to pull the seam allowance away from the laser cut wasitband, I made the bottoms a more modest, less crack-y design.

Bumster Bikini Fixed

This is probably the easiest modification of anything I have ever done. You don’t strictly need an overlocker for this you could have used just a zig zag. This laser cut stuff doesn’t fray so it’s quite nice to work with. I got it from Mandors in Glasgow.

I turned useless, 100% offensive bikini bottoms into a cute usable, non bum showing pair with the simplest sewing skills. Just one of the many things you could turn your hand to if you joined me for a class!

Buster Bikini Fixed

I fully expect a message from Amy any minute now with a request to fix her bumster bikini bottoms too! Mon over Mrs!



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