Incredibly Cute 121s!

30 Sep

I love a wee 121 session with someone who is perhaps struggling with a particular project or wants to learn how to put in a zip or use a new machine. I have had a few of these over the past two weeks and they’ve been incredibly cute. The first one was a princess dress for an 11th Month old called Nessa. Her Mum Fran had learned to sew at one of my classes about a year ago and wanted a bit of a helping hand with patterns. Everyone knows I love making Halloween costumes so I throughly enjoyed myself. Annoyingly I didn’t take any photos because I was far too engrossed but I’ll ask Fran if she can send me some when it is done. it’s going to be adorable!

Another very cute 121 i’ve had recently was with a girl I used to work with in The Life Craft, you might know her as Diane from Busy Bees! She was up in Glasgow visiting family and wanted to spend a few hours getting to grips with jersey cotton. I have been using a lot of jersey cotton recently and it is fast becoming my favorite fabric to work with but it can be tricky. Diane brought her own machine, and Elna 220 and we used the ‘super stretch stitch’ on there.

Dianes little jersey leggings

Not a tuck or pleat in sight on this tiny leg hole!



No need to protect the raw edges as jersey cotton doesn’t fray!

20140929_123016How adorable are these? These little leggings are for her 10 month old son Calib (I hope that is the correct spelling). Aren’t they just gorgeous!?

Diane loves jersey cotton and by the sounds of it she has an extensive stash of cute prints in the house. I introduced her to the overlocker as it really does make jersey and other stretch fabrics and absolute dream. Maybe Santa will be good to her this year and get her one for Christmas!


If you are struggling with something at home and need a hand Jenny can come to you or we can meet in Isew2 in Kirkintilloch. This could be useful for Halloween costumes, curtains, dressmaking or revamping old clothes! If you are interested get in touch here 




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