Elsa from Frozen Dress Tutorial [PART 1]

7 Oct

I must admit that I still haven’t seen Frozen. I don’t have many kids in the family, hardly any of my friends have kids so I’m very rarely subjected to kids movies (although I hear it is quite good even if you are an adult!). Anyway I love a princess dress so I couldn’t resist but make an Elsa from Frozen dress. It’s been so popular that there must be plenty of parents out there thinking of making a dress for Halloween so here is a step by step tutorial that should help you make your little princess the perfect Halloween costume.

The first part asks you yo reinforce the inner corner of the bodice front. A couple of wee stitches will do this. This is necessary as it’s a weak point in the dress and might pull and split with time.

Next it wants you to attach all the bodice pieces like so.

Elsa Dress Tutorial

Then reinforce the same point in the skirt with a few stitches for the same reason as above.


Stitch skirt back sections together, leaving open above large circles. I have been overlocking as I go because this fabric is fraying really badly. If yours is too you can use a zig zag stitch on the raw edge to stop it fraying.


Now attach skirt front to skirt back at side seams.


Now it asks you to ‘Ease Stitch’ upper edge of skirt. This is sometimes used in sleeves to gather them every so slightly to fir into arm holes. Its basically the same as gathering if you have ever done that. Two rows of parallel stitching, within the seam allowance. It must be a stitch length 4(or the longest your have) and you don’t do any back tacking at the start or at the end of the stitches. I atually didn’t need to ease this in, it fitted perfectly anyway!


Now attached bodice to skirt!


Now it’s time for the zip. They have a diagram showing you how to put in a zip in with stitching visible on the outside. That’s not really my thing and defeats the point of the invisible zip I’m putting in this dress. You can do it whatever way you like.


Stitch one side at a time with the zip open. Once you have sewn once side of the zip in pin the other side in and then close the zip to make sure everything is aligned with the zip shut. The seam where the bodice meets the skirt should be aligned and the top of the dress should be sligned with the zip shut. It is very easy to sew a zip in squinty so take some extra time at this part to get it right. You might have to pin it a few times before you get it right.


And the invisible zip is in, with everything lining up.


Now time to stitch your overlay together(this is the cape-y bit). Stitch the centre back together from the dot downwards and the side seams together. It also asks you to create a narrow hem in the centre back seam from the dot upwards. This part of the overlay will be sewn in next to the zip later. now pin the overlay to the dress with the right side of the bodice to the wrong side of the overlay. It asks you to baste in place. Basting is like a tacking stitch you do on a machine. Remember back to Home Economics when you spend half your like HAND TACKING things? My God, how dull. They didn’t want us to know you can do it on a machine. It’s just a long straight stitch(stitch length 4). It’s a temporary stitch so no back tacking either.



Video for help!

Now onto the yoke. stitch the yoke front and yoke back pieces together at the shoulder seams.


It starts to get a wee bit confusing now. It wants you to pin the yoke front to the bodice right sides together. You should have the bodice right sides up, with the overlay ontop right sides up and the the yoke right sides DOWN. Like a little overlay sandwich! Stitch that in place through all 3 layers.


It will look like this before you stitch it.

20140926_162007 20140926_162826

Now stitch the back of the yoke to the back of the bodice in the same way. Then make up the bodice lining in the same way you made up the outer bodice. The bodice lining is now stitched on in the same way that the yoke was stitched on. You can pretty much got through the same stitches again. To make this a bit clearer you will have the bodice right sides UP, the overlay right sides UP the yoke right sides DOWN and then the lining right sides DOWN. You are stitching along the front bodice and the back bodice where you stitched the yoke on. Don’t stitch in the wee arm holes yet.



Here is a wee video to help.

All that is left is the sleeves, hems and decoration. Part 2 is HERE

Any questions please ask away and I’ll help you out.


6 Responses to “Elsa from Frozen Dress Tutorial [PART 1]”

  1. Cassie October 25, 2014 at 10:15 pm #

    Where is part 2 please help I need to finish the dress

    • Sew Confident October 27, 2014 at 4:18 pm #

      It will be up tomorrow sorry! I’m waiting for a video to upload so I can edit it and then I’ll post it.

      Jenny x

  2. Alisha August 14, 2017 at 1:25 am #

    Could you tell me where you bought the blue fabric and sparkly overlay fabric for this dress? I really like both!

    • Sew Confident August 14, 2017 at 9:40 am #


      I’m afraid I can’t remember exactly, I think it was Mandors in Glasgow but I doubt they would still have it now!

      • Alisha August 14, 2017 at 8:40 pm #

        Ok do you know what kind of material the blue fabric and sparkly overlay fabric are made out of so I can look for similar fabrics? Thanks!

      • Sew Confident August 15, 2017 at 9:21 am #

        I think the blue fabric was an acetate satin, any satin would do. No idea what you would call the sparkly stuff, it would definitely be under Halloween fabric though!

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