The Launch of Sew Macho and My Very Witty Friends

14 Oct

So yesterday I had set aside the entire day to develop my new sewing class for men. I get asked by male friends and family members to fix things and take things up and I thought it would really save me some time if they just did it themselves haha! I have also in the past had a fair few men come to and enquire about the classes but a room full of women can be a little intimidating for a man. Also my beginners class is geared towards ladies, with things like a Make-up bag and bunting. It was clear I had to make an entirely different class catering for guys. After a bit of research(read asking every boy I know) I figured guys want to hem thing, fix things and maybe alter things so that is exactly what we will be doing to start with anyway!

The class will be a 3 hour session, probably in a nice pub in the west end(I’m currently talking to a few venues). It will be an evening class from 6-9pm. Th first hour or so we will go through all the machine basics, threading, different stitches, how the actual machine works. then we will move onto hemming, so you can take your jeans up. How to measure them and cut them. How to hem accurately etc. Then we will move onto fixing holes and rips with patches. I know so many men who wander about with rips in their jeans, particularly in the crotch, but they love those jeans, and they sit nice(apart from the giant hole) so they keep wearing them. I will help you fix them! Upon booking everyone will be sent an emailing advising them of what they can bring along to be fixed. If you didn’t have anything I will have scraps of fabric we can work on so don’t worry about that. I hope to have this class sorted end of this week, start of next. If you want to be the first to know you can join the mailing list or like the Facebook

Anyway back to my day of hilarity yesterday – My first problem was finding a name. I wanted to create a brand that was masculine and a bit of a laugh. All my Sew Confident branding is very girly and pink so it had to be the opposite of that. I took to Facebook to ask for some witty and masculine sewing related puns and I can honestly say I spent all of yesterday laughing. I am blessed with a lot of very witty friends and they did not disappoint. I warn you some of the ideas are a bit rude so maybe stop reading now if you are easily offended. I just had to share these with you.

Sew Macho Sewing Classes For Men

Sew Macho Sewing Classes For The Modern Man


First up my good friend Gary Thermo. He was one of the first people I messaged because he is hand down one of the funniest people I know he came up with Sew Macho, An Earnest Hemming Way, and Thread Flintstone. I can’t tell you how much I laughed at Thread Flintstone and I ended up using Sew Macho as the name for the new class. I also got Sew Manly from my genuine stand up comedian friend Rosco and I nearly went with that but Macho won in the end!

Some more from Facebook:

Say it ain’t sew – Sadly this is already a hand sewing class in Glasgow but it is a belter!
Stitches n ho’s – The tiny feminist in me will never use the word ‘Ho’ unless it’s followed by another two ‘Ho’s and is relating to Christmas but it’s still a good one!
Bunch of pricks – Such a good name, just too offensive for print!
The “Wadding” “Singer”
You’ve been tapestry’d, hosted by Jeremy Needle – JEREMY NEEDLE! Oh how I laughed.
Hairy Bobbins
I got 99 problems but a stitch ain’t 1 – My good friend Alissa, who I went to uni with really hit it out the park with this one. Good work, I used it as my tagline.
Pulp Stichin’ / True Sewmance
Sew you think you’re a man?
Needle dicks – Unsurprisingly from one of the most offensive people I know, still offending people all the way from New York, Chris Myler :p
TESTOSEWON – a wee play on testoterone
Jennys Sewldiers – This one is from my mum and probably won’t mean much to anyone. I’m not trying to build an army of sewing men to work in a handsome sweatshop(although that is a good idea now that I’ve written it down), but I have 20 sewing machines now and they are always all lined up at the door ‘like soldiers’ so that is where that comes from.
Sew Amusing
Lucky Sew n Sew
SEWspicious Minds
SEWcial Butterfly
Sews Yer Maw 
Guys – Make Ties
Men and (sewing) Machines
And Sew to Thread
Scissor Brothers
Right Said ThreadThese are all brilliant.

I also woke up this morning to a text sent at 2.19am from a friend of mine I met when I was a standby in an(admittedly chronic) Gameshow The Lie. Kev is hilarious and was only up at this time because he is filming for Countdown today and he was up swotting for that, reading the dictionary or something. How do you even swot for Countdown? Anyway in an excellent display of absolute procrastination he came up with:

DJ Sewmy’s Boys of Sewmore
Thread raw
Christiano Sewnaldo/Ronaldsew
Threddy Sheringham

So thanks so much to everyone who joined in and inspired me. Looking forward to teaching a brand new breed of modern dapper men how to take control of their own wardrobe!

Sew Macho Sewing Classes for me

Sew Macho Sewing Classes for me


2 Responses to “The Launch of Sew Macho and My Very Witty Friends”

  1. Patrick Mc Guinness November 10, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

    l am a retired bespoke tailor age 71 and would be happy to help if you think it would be of any value.

    • Sew Confident November 11, 2014 at 3:49 pm #

      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for this offer! I will definitely keep you in mind as I am not a tailor, and that is likely to be the kind of thing that men will want to move onto. Thanks!


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