Elsa From Frozen Dress Tutorial [Part 2]

29 Oct

So how are we doing? Our lining is in and the sheer top of the bodice is in too so now we are onto the sleeves!

With right sides together sew down the inside seam of the sleeve. The fabric I am using doesn’t fray. So I’m not hemming the bottom of my sleeve because a) this is a halloween costume and b) it actually looks better without a hem. I have however used bias binding around the neckline because we nee to sew a button and a loop onto this and my fabric is so sheer and stretchy it needs some stabilising to take a button. If you have bought sheer fabric that is fraying like mad you will have to zig zag the raw edge and hem it to stop it turning into a short sleeve version after one wear!20140929_160211
It also tell you to ease stitching the head of the sleeve. My sheer fabric is stretchy so I don’t have to do this. Remember ease stitching is just the same as gathering and it helps you fit the sleeve into the armhole should you need the sleeve to be a little bit smaller. So now with right sides together pin your sleeve in place matching your notches on either side. Stitch in place. It should look like this now.


If you haven’t done this already we need to secure the capey bit to the back of the dress at the zip. This requires you to fold under about 1cm of the cape and pin it next to the zip closure as illustrated below(I know you can hardly see my pins here!). Don’t pin it too close to the zip incase it catches in the zip. Now stitch this in place down the entire length of both sides of the zip.Elsa Dress

All that is left to do now is hem the bottom, sew a wee button or hook and eye onto the back neck and applique any decorations.

The instructions do not make it very clear how to make the button loops so I have made a video to help you. It’s quite a useful skill to have and it makes a lovely elegant little button closure.

You could use fusible web(a bit like wundaweb) to stick the snowflakes onto the dress if you didn’t want to stitch them. You could also go wild and sew beads and other sparkley bits and bobs on there if you wanted! Depends how much time you have!

I am sending the finished article to my little cousin and I will post a photo of her wearing it asap. Please send me you photos of your Elsa dresses!

As always any questions please give me a shout!


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